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Eco-friendly Initiatives at Harbor East Marina

Now more than ever, it’s incredibly important to take care of our environment, especially with Earth Day 2023 taking place on Saturday, April 22nd. We can and should all do our part to keep our environment clean and healthy, and we here at Harbor East Marina are no exception. This is why we’re proud to share with you some of the eco-friendly initiatives we’ve planned to do our part in maintaining our environment and helping it to thrive, and other environmental events happening around the city.

Eco-Friendly Initiatives at Harbor East Marina and Inner Harbor Baltimore

Earth Day Cleanup

For Earth Day 2023, Bluewater Baltimore will be participating in an Earth Day cleanup of the Patapsco River. People can join the cleanup on April 21, 2023, from 9 AM to 12 PM at Middle Branch Park for a hands-on experience that aims to get rid of plastic and waste, such as water bottles, styrofoam, and waste metal, from our vital waterways.

Baltimore Healthy Harbor Initiative

The Baltimore Healthy Harbor Initiative is a series of eco-friendly pilot projects headed by the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, Inc., in partnership with other organizations, that aims to revitalize Baltimore’s own Inner Harbor and turn it into a sustainable waterfront park. Pilot projects include waste removal, water quality improvement, beautification projects, and educational programs to bring more awareness to the issue.

Through these numerous projects, the HHI aims to improve and protect Baltimore’s harbor and waterways to not only bring clean water to Baltimore’s residents but maintain the natural beauty and ecosystem of the harbor and keep the harbor thriving. Some of these projects have already been implemented and have met their goals in recent years, such as their oyster gardening project which aimed to plant 5 million oysters in the Patapsco River, and the iconic Mr. Trash Wheel, a floating garbage interceptor with large cartoon eyes that eats up any trash and detritus on the river it can find.

In fact, Mr. Trash Wheel celebrates his 9th birthday on Earth Day, April 22, 2023, commemorated with a fun, family-friendly event full of food, games, and activities. The HHI is an ongoing initiative that is always looking for more support from the community, so there’s always an opportunity to help out and do your part!

Earth Day Celebrations in Baltimore

Earth Day is full of events and opportunities to give back to the community and the environment here in Baltimore. Earth Day events being held in Baltimore include various cleanup events all throughout the city, tree-planting (and even opportunities to buy your own tree saplings to plant at home), and festivals full of concessions, live music, and presentations geared towards bringing awareness to the importance of sustainability and caring for our environment.

Watch the community come together to celebrate Earth Day and a cleaner, greener future in Baltimore!

National Marina Day Marina Cleanup at Harbor East

This is a marina cleanup hosted at Harbor East, where boaters, friends, and family can come to the marina and help clean the bay in June. More details and date to come!


It’s important to be aware of your impact on the environment, and even more important to do what you can to leave a positive impact. We here at Harbor East Marina encourage you to join us in doing our part for the community and for the environment with our very own Earth Day celebrations and beyond that, to keep our marina and Baltimore Harbor as great places to visit and enjoy.



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