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Top Boat Brands For The New Year

Whether you’ve just joined the Baltimore boating community or have set your sights on a vessel upgrade in 2024, there are lots of new boats hitting the water this year. To help you make your Chesapeake Bay boating dreams come true, the Harbor East Marina team has compiled a list of five of the best new boats in 2024. 

We’ve included something for everyone, from budget-friendly options to large vessels for more seasoned captains. Let’s dive in.

Grady-White 376 Canyon 

The Grady-White 376 Canyon is a great sport fishing boat that is 37’ LOA. Grady-White boats are incredibly popular in the Baltimore boating community. If you order a new boat, you’ll get to customize all of the key systems and components in your boat, from the engines to the console equipment. However, the standard power configuration features triple Yamaha 425s. 

While the Grady-White 376 Canyon is pricier, with an MSRP above $730,000, the upside is it’s perfect for cruising the Chesapeake Bay in style, even on rougher days. When you need to lay anchor, tie up and enjoy the area, the Harbor East Marina team can accommodate you with our huge boat slips and comfortable boater’s lounge and Party Pad.

Pursuit S 248 Sport

The Pursuit S 248 Sport is an excellent mid-tier option. It is 26’ LOA, equipped with a Yamaha F300XSB2, and features a sleek design. This center console vessel has huge navigation screens, autopilot capabilities, comfortable seats, and a Garmin electronics package.

The Pursuit S 248 Sport is large enough to handle light to moderate conditions but might feel a bit bumpy in rougher seas. Overall, it’s a good boat for cruising, fishing, and exploring the Chesapeake Bay. It comfortably seats six people but can accommodate up to eight passengers. 

Cobia 220 DC

Are you looking for a budget friendly option that is compact and easy to captain? The Cobia 220 DC is priced under $100,000 and is 21’ LOA. This dual-console boat can seat six to eight people and has a Mercury 200XL engine. 

The vessel has lots of cruising features, like reversible seats and a powerful sound system. It also has storage, built-in coolers, and rod holders for fishing. The Cobia 220 DC makes great use of its size and has virtually no wasted space. It will also fit nicely in one of Harbor East Marina’s boat slips, which have power stations and other built-in accommodations so you can recharge after the end of a long day on the water.

Sea Ray 310 SLX

The Sea Ray 310 SLX is a luxurious vessel that offers a nice balance of size and maneuverability. It is 31’ LOA, seats six to eight people, and costs roughly $350,000 new (depending on equipment selection). 

The Sea Ray 310 SLX has a joystick manipulation system designed to make docking a breeze. It is also equipped with Skyhook features and an autopilot. This vessel is equipped with a pair of 350 JPO VDO Mercury engines, which provide all the power you’ll need for water sports, fishing, or cruising the bay. 

Boston Whaler 280 Vantage

Boston Whaler is an iconic Baltimore boating brand. These vessels have been a staple of Chesapeake Bay for decades and continue to impress with their functional, durable designs. The Boston Whaler 280 Vantage is a sport fishing boat that measures 28’ long. Typically, the vessel is equipped with a pair of 300 JPO VDO V8 AMS Mercury engines, each of which produces 300 horsepower. 

The Vantage offers joystick piloting, making even new captains look like seasoned pros while docking at Harbor East. Don’t let the no-nonsense exterior fool you. This vessel is loaded with luxury features, including premium seating, a SIMRAD navigation system, and a sound system. 

Lay Anchor With Us

Just get a new boat and need a slip for the season? Look no further than Harbor East Marina. Our sprawling facility has small and large slips, daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal dockage options, and a friendly staff that will make your Baltimore boating experience one for the books. Contact us today or reserve your slip with us for 2024.



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